Parts / Services

Prime Downhole Manufacturing’s Service Department is a full service facility offering both in house and
in the field repairs of all major brands and models of breakout and bucking units.
• PRIME Downhole Manufacturing Service repairs everything from one end to the other such as:
• Consoles
• Clamp Cylinders
• Torque Cylinders
• Jack Stands
PRIME Downhole Manufacturing Service offers redesign services for older models to better fit the requirements of our customers for better
performance and reliability.
We also offer Calibration services for all major torque logging systems with our two 100,000-foot pound transducers made by Himmelstein
and Norbar which are calibrated annually by Himmelstein to NIST standards. Calibrations verify the accuracy of your logging equipment to
your machine as a matched set. Each system is adjusted if necessary for optimal accuracy.
For those machines that don't have electronic logging equipment, we can verify the actual torque by the gauges in 200 PSI increments.
This provides the customer with a verified table of torque values for that machine.
PRIME Downhole Manufacturing Service stocks parts and supplies such as dies, jaws and more. Our inventory is constantly evolving to
meet the demands of our customers and minimize their downtime.
Our experienced team will also help you with any hard to find parts or manufacture replacements.
PRIME Downhole Manufacturing Service values our customers with the flexibility and professionalism our customers deserve. PDM
Service strives to be your, “One-Stop Shopping,” provider for all your bucking and breakout unit requirements.

Breakout Machine Parts