Breakout Machines

The TorkStar Breakout Machine, also known as a makeup/breakout machine is a hydraulically operated horizontal ratcheting unit. It has a fixed headstock and a traversing tailstock to adjust for various length components.

It is used to disassemble and assemble threaded connections on various downhole tools such as Drill Motors, Jars, Casing and other similar threaded components. The TorkStar Breakout Machine is capable of torquing a threaded connection to accurate foot-pound measurements and is compatible with many of the leading industry computerized torque logging systems.

The TorkStar Breakout machine is an improved design to be more efficient, time saving and cooler operating temperatures. We currently offer two models to meet the needs of the industry. The TorkStar 200 is the 14” heavy duty model and the TorkStar 40 is the smaller light duty version. The individual specifications are available below.

Both models are customizable with the standard options of 12’ thru 20’ skid, 12 or 20-foot Support Beams, Steady Rests, Push/Pull Units and Spinner Units. The TorkStar 200 also has the option of the new design high torque spinner unit the UHT 2200. The UHT 2200 Spinner is a spring type floating unit designed for more torque and less slippage.

Breakout Machine

Bucking Units

Bucking Units are used primarily for threading couplings on pipe. They are also used sometimes as a breakout machine to
makeup and breakout other threaded products that do not require a high torque value. Bucking units are different from
breakout machines in that they have a continuous rotating headstock instead of a ratcheting headstock.

The TorkStar 50 is a hydraulically operated, horizontally mounted, continuously rotating headstock bucking unit. It has a spring centering tailstock with six self-centering clamp cylinders. The gear driven headstock is equipped with six self-centering clamp cylinders and a manifold to allow the hydraulic cylinders to clamp and hold a coupling so that it holds pressure while rotating.

The self-centering cylinders allow for quickly changing to different pipe sizes without the hassle of having to change the dies  for every different size pipe.
The skid is fitted with hydraulic leveling jacks to quickly adjust the centerline of the unit for the different pipe sizes.

The TorkStar 50 is equipped with auto shift technology that allows the headstock to automatically change speed from high speed to low speed as the torque requirements go up. No manual shifting is required which minimizes operator error during the bucking process.

The hydraulic system is designed to run quieter to minimize in-plant noise levels and to run cooler even in the hottest climates. The TorkStar bucking unit is designed to be low maintenance to minimize maintenance costs. And the TorkStar 50 is compatible with many of the computerized torque logging systems to provide smooth connection torque graphs.

Parts & Services

PRIME Downhole Manufacturing Service Department is a full service facility offering both in house and in the field repairs of all major brands and models of breakout and bucking units.

• PRIME Downhole Manufacturing Service repairs everything from one end to the other such as:

• Consoles
• Clamp Cylinders
• Torque Cylinders
• Jack Stands

PRIME Downhole Manufacturing Service offers redesign services for older models to better fit the requirements of our customers for better performance and reliability.

We also offer Calibration services for all major torque logging systems with our two 100,000-foot pound transducers made by Himmelstein and Norbar which are calibrated annually by Himmelstein to NIST standards. Calibrations verify the accuracy of your logging equipment to your machine as a matched set. Each system is adjusted if necessary for optimal accuracy.

For those machines that don't have electronic logging equipment, we can verify the actual torque by the gauges in 200
PSI increments. This provides the customer with a verified table of torque values for that machine.

PRIME Downhole Manufacturing Service stocks parts and supplies such as dies, jaws and more. Our inventory is constantly evolving to meet the demands of our customers and minimize their downtime.

Our experienced team will also help you with any hard to find parts or manufacture replacements.

PRIME Downhole Manufacturing Service values our customers with the flexibility and professionalism our customers deserve. PDM Service strives to be your, “One-Stop Shopping,” provider for all your bucking and breakout unit


PRIME Downhole Manufacturing manufactures radial bearings, flow bearings and flow diverters for drilling mud motors.

Available in sizes ranging from 2-7/8” to 12-1/4”, these carbide matrix bearings and tungsten carbide tile bearings are of a proven durable design and provide superior wear resistance in the most harshest drilling environments.

Our experienced team of engineers work hand in hand to design new and existing
bearings to help operators overcome challenges and improve their returns.

Bits Overview

PRIME Downhole Manufacturing manufactures PDC bits for a wide rang of formation ages
and rock types. These designs include light-set fishtail bits designed for maximum ROP to heavy-set designs with maximum diamond density for highly abrasive applications. We utilize premium PDC cutters from major manufactures and tailor cutter selection for each bit to lithology and rock failure mode.

Both matrix and steel body materials are produced, depending on requirements for each application.  Premium  high-density spherical and crystalline carbides are used in hard facing of steel PDC bits and applied to the bit based on fluids dynamics mechanism. 

Prime manufactures matrix products from 3 ¾” diameter, with steel products up to 26” in diameter and composed of high grade 4140 material.

Grades of cutters and geometries for soft to medium rock, laminated formations, abrasive sandstones and many other rock types are utilized in our bits, according to application requirements.

Our bits employ combinations of tungsten carbide and PDC gage materials. They can be delivered with any gage, from less than 1” up to typical RSS lengths. Options include passive, tapered, stepped, active and gageless.

Ideal for drilling a larger-than-nominal hole through standard casing ID. The expanded hole size results I higher quality cementing and logging operations and allows for restricted clearance casing diameters.

Reamer Options

Eccentric Tool for Under Reaming Operations
The eccentric reamer is designed to drill an oversized hole, similar to bi-center bits.The Patented self-centering cutting structure provides an extremely durable and stable tool.
The eccentric reamer tools are commonly run behind RSS and MWD/LWD tools as a second
stage reamer, or can be coupled to a pilot bit to form a tool similar to a
bi-center bit. They are available in sizes up to 21” .


The concentric reamer are an extremely durable hole opener, with self-centering cutting structure and double row blade construction. It can be used as a hole opener to remove ledges and doglegs prior to running casing.
With PDC gauge and spiral blades, the concentric reamer delivers full diameter hole more consistently than conventional three-point tools.
With the concentric reaming tool, the pilot bit and the reamer are separate, allowing replacement of the
pilot bit. This pilot bit flexibility provides operators a wide range of drilling options:

• Standard PDC Bit
• Roller-cone Bit
• Bullnose
Concentric reaming tools can also be run at different stages in the BHA.